How to Incorporate a Company


In this post i would like to explain how do you set up a sdn bhd (Malaysian private limited) company in particular and berhad (Malaysian limited company).

Before I explain more about the steps to set up a new company, i would likes to remind of the importance to know a bit about the company sdn bhd, berhad and also the difference with the enterprise (sole proprietorship & partnership) business.

At least with that information can provide understanding and an initial overview of why you need to set up a company rather than an enterprise business.

The steps shown below are only as a guide that can accelerate your business before you go to the company secretary office. At least with the steps shown can facilitate the work of staff and secretary of the company at the same time can help the process of setting up your new company up and running.

FIRST STEP: List a maximum of 3 activities / objectives that you want to do business with a company that you would set up.

SECOND STEP : Find at least a business partner (or more) . The owners and directors can be the same person.

STEP THREE: Choose at least 3 names to be used as the name of your business. Avoid choosing names that are too Malaysian commonly referred to as Maju Jaya sdn bhd, Cemerlang Gemilang sdn bhd, Hebat Megah Sdn Bhd as likely to have taken the name. Instead I suggest to use a name that is unique, interesting and rarely heard as a combination of the name for example AMSHA Group AMSHA ltd which is a combination of owner name and Sharifah Amran (Example only, many other ways to create a catchy name and rarely heard).

STEP FOUR: Find a licensed company secretaries to help establish your new company.

STEP FIVE: Make a payment by process according to your company secretary and wait for the next instruction to be given by them.

Now you have a new company in the process of setting up and in 3-7 days you will be ready to set up the company with great success. Make sure you ask for the receipt and storage of reference for the financial management of your company

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