Company Profile Preparation


Benefits of Company Profile Preparation

Similar businesses exist within your area while others are available in nearby locations. What sets you apart from those companies? In other words, can potential clients differentiate you from your rivals? They should. The best way they can do that is if you have an outstanding business profile. You cannot have one by default. Instead, you have to prepare it. That means investing your time and resources into it. You can also hire us because we are the best at company profile preparation. In fact, here is our package. 

The Collection of Relevant Information

We understand what your potential consumers want to know about you. Consequently, we will advise you on the kind of information that is appropriate for this purpose. Moreover, we will tell you if anything missing from your profile. 

The Creation of Excellent Graphics and a Perfect Layout 

Remember, aesthetics are critical for any document that represents a company. Consequently, will strive to create something your current customers will love. We will consider the tastes of your potential customers as well. That means your company profile documents will appeal to your targeted clients as well as your current ones. 

Other Benefits That We Offer You

We will give you five units of the hard copy version of the profile booklet in addition to providing you with a soft copy version of it. Moreover, we offer you professional advisory services on anything else that relates to the preparation of your company profile.
Contact us today for company profile preparation. You can go for a standardized package that has modern graphics or a modernized preparation package that comes with advanced graphical designs. We will complete your profile within fourteen days. Moreover, we will send the documents to you through the postal office at an extra charge for the delivery.


  • Assist in preparation and collecting company relevant information
  • Company profile graphic and layout designing
  • 5 unit printed company profile booklet ‘hardcopy’ and ebook format ‘softcopy’
  • Professional advisory services in preparation

Our packages prices* :

1. Normal company profile preparation (without modern graphic) = RM649 nett
2. Modern company profile preparation (with modern graphic design) = RM1999 nett

:: Preparation complete in 14 working days**

:: Document postal services to your place is provided with extra charges

 *   Package prices shown above are for the type of business profiles that have only basic information. If the information to be included and need us to get it, the prices are different. Prices do not include government taxes.
**   Preparation period begins only after we get all the necessary documents completely.
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