Register a Sdn Bhd

Register a Sdn Bhd


Benefits of Registering a Sdn Bhd Company in Malaysia

Entrepreneurship is a journey that starts whenyou register company of your choice. Sdn Bhd companies are currently very popular because of guaranteed continuity, protection of private wealth from the company risks such as debts and losses, easy and affordable access to capital financing, among others. Here are some reasons why you should register sdn bhd company in Malaysia.


One of the main benefits of sdn bhd registration is that, the company becomes a whole different entity detached from its owners. This guarantees continuity irrespective of what happens to the shareholders, directors and founders.

This is unlike partnerships or sole proprietorships whose existence and operations are entirely pegged on the owners. Sdn bhd companies are more stable and tend to attract long term investments from other interested investors.

Protection of Personal Wealth

Individual wealth of shareholders are protected against the company's risks such as losses or accrued debts. Such business risks are shared among shareholders depending on the value of their investments into the business and have no effect on your other investments and assets.

The worst that can happen, and in very rare cases, is the possibility of losing the entire capital investment. This is one of the main reasons why you should register sdn bhd company since you share risks and/or profits with other like-minded investors.

Access to Financing

Financing is key to the growth of any company. You need money to expand, hire competent staff, pay bills and generally keep the business running. When you register sdn bhd company in Malaysia, it becomes easier to raise more financial resources.

Lenders tent to trust sdn bhd companies because of their perpetuity and the fact that risks are spread among multiple shareholders. Due to the seemingly lower risks, interest rates to such loans are normally lower compared to other business types like sole proprietorships.

Easy to Register and Flexible

Sdn bhd registration is a relatively straight forward process that can be handled by a competent company at very affordable rates. The company handles the whole process and only takes just 3-7 days to register company with their services.

As a shareholders of sdn bhd company, you are free to sell or transfer your shares to any other interested party at your convenience. The flexibility will enable you to make smarter investment decisions and venture in other businesses of your choice.

Start your entrepreneurship journey today by contacting qualified, competent and professional company for your sdn bhd registration services. It costs as low as RM1,200 to have your company registered. It is fast, reliable and affordable.

Our Package Includes:

  • 2 Set Of SSM Name Search
  • 2 Set Of Incorporation Documents
  • 2 Set Of Certified By Commissioner Of Oath
  • 2 Set Of Documents Duly Certified By The Authorized & Qualified Company Secretary
  • 3 Times Delivery And Attain Documents At SSM
  • 5 Set Of Completed Incorporation Documents
  • 1 Set Of Certificate Of Incorporation (Form 9)
  • 1 Set Of Share Certificate
  • 1 Set Of CTC Express Letter To CCM
  • 1 Set Of Company Comman Seal
  • 1 Set Of Company Minute Book
  • 1 Set Of Company Register Book

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Sdn Bhd Company Registration

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