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Benefits of Registering Berhad (BHD – Public Limited Company)

By definition, Berhad is a Malay word which describes a limited company in Malaysia. Whenever the word or the abbreviation BHD comes after a company’s name it shows that it is a Malaysian public limited company. “Sendirian Berhad” or simply SDN BHD shows that it is a private limited company.

No Limitations

Legally speaking, in a BHD, the maximum number of shareholders is two and there is no limit for the maximum number of shareholders. Shares can be offered to the public for a fixed period of time.


It is important to have a public limited company registered. A registered BHD can raise its capital through the issue of shares to the public without getting into conflict with the Malaysian law. Members of the public will not have to think twice about investing in such a company, they will trust such a company.


A registered BHD is always in a better position to source for funds elsewhere, for example, the banks will lend money to such companies since they are credible and they are approved. Such companies are in a better position to negotiate the interest rates and better terms of payment with such institutions.

Fast Expansion

A BHD that is registered can expand very fast in just a few years. Its expansion will be able to incorporate various abilities in the financial sector which will then make the company come up with new and creative ideas which will propel further expansion.

A registered BHD can be able to bounce back after a financial lapse since the government can chip in to lend a hand in helping in the financial woes; in fact, such companies never get into financial woes in the first place since they have a large backing from the members of the public.

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  • 2 Set Of CCM Name Search
  • 2 Set Of Incorporation Documents
  • 2 Set Of Certified By Commissioner Of Oath
  • 2 Set Of Documents Duly Certified By The Authorized & Qualified Company Secretary
  • 2 Set Of Documents Duly Certified By The Authorized & Qualified Company Secretary
  • 3 Times Delivery And Attain Documents At SSM
  • Sessions Of Statutory Company Meeting
  • 5 Set Of Completed Incorporation Documents
  • 1 Set Of Certificate Of Incorporation (Form 8)
  • 1 Set Of Share Certificate
  • 1 Set Of CTC Express Letter To CCM
  • 1 Set Of Company Comman Seal
  • 1 Set Of Company Minute Book
  • 1 Set Of Company Register Book
  • Professional Company
  • Consultation Services
  • Cop Rubber Stamp​

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