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You can run a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a limited company in Malaysia as long as you register it with the relevant authorities. For example, you can register it as a Berhad, which is a Malayan word for a limited company. The abbreviation for it is BHD. Registering it as a limited company would result in several benefits for your enterprise. Here are some of them.

No limitations on the maximum number of shareholders
Shareholders are critical to a business because they are its primary source of financial capital. In Malaysia, a BHD must have a minimum of two shareholders. However, no limitations exist when it comes to the maximum number of shareholders that it can have. That means BHDs can invite as many investors into their business as possible.
Several financing options
BHDs approach shareholders and banks for financial support. They receive vast sums of money because these entities trust limited companies more than they do sole proprietorships or partnerships. More importantly, they benefit from financial incentives such as reduced rates of interest and extended periods of repayment.
Enhanced level of credibility among your potential clients
Entrepreneurs prefer doing business with BHDs than they do sole proprietorships or partnerships. They know that such companies have the backing of several shareholders. In some cases, it can be thousands of shareholders owning shares in one firm. Consequently, they do not have a problem pre-ordering goods from you or selling their products to you on credit.
What do you need for this registration process?
Several items are necessary for this process. They include two sets of incorporation documents, one set of your share certificate, one set of your company seal, and your cop rubber stamp among other things. Contact us today so we can enlighten you on the entire package for this critical process. In fact, we can help you register your company foundation within three to seven working days. To register company foundation is easy if you work with us. Sign up for the registration process today


  • 2 Set Of CCM Name Search
  • 2 Set Of Incorporation Documents
  • 2 Set Of Certified By Commissioner Of Oath
  • 2 Set Of Documents Duly Certified By The Authorized & Qualified Company Secretary
  • 3 Times Delivery And Attain Documents For Minister’s Approval At CCM Company Statutory Meeting Session
  • 5 Set Of Completed Incorporation Documents
  • 1 Set Of Certificate Of Incorporation
  • 1 Set Of Share Certificate
  • 1 Set Of Share 1 Set Of CTC Express Letter To CCM Certificate
  • 1 Set Of Company Comman Seal
  • 1 Set Of Company Register Book​
  • Professional Company Consultation Services

  • Cop Rubber Stamp

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:: Delivery services is provided with extra cost

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