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Do you want to start your company? Are you aware of the procedures and formalities involved in registration of a new company? Registering a new company can be tiresome, expensive and consume a lot of time. Business people who want to avoid these inconveniences should opt for ready made company. With these companies, you are guaranteed to enjoy numerous benefits. Some of these benefits of ready made company include:

You can start business immediately.

As soon as you acquire a ready made company, you can begin doing your business transactions. You do not have to struggle with the long and involving procedures involved in the registration of a new company. Once you have the company, within a few minutes, you can sign tenders as opposed to having to wait for several days.

The procedures have been made easier.

Imagine the thought and mental involvement you have to put in to come up with a business name. It can be tiring, right? With ready made company, the name is already decided. Moreover, you can still give a specific name to be used for ready made company registration.

The business is organized properly.

A company is only considered to be constituted properly and is allowed to get involved in business transactions if it has the required documents. A ready made company has all the legal documents available. These documents include the share certificate, the books for writing minutes, register book among others. This means that the company is ready for transactions.

The formalities for opening a Bank account are taken care of.

A corporate bank account may requires very long procedures. This may waste a lot of your time as the owner of the company. Opting for a ready made company reduce these struggles because the bank account is handed over to you.

A ready made company do not have any assets or liabilities. This means that you are starting a new business. Moreover, your work has been simplified and business operations made seamless.


  • 1 Set Of Readymade Documents
  • 2 Set Of Company Transfer Ownership Forms
  • 2 Set Of Certified By Commissioner Of Oath
  • 2 Set Of Documents Duly Certified By The Authorized & Qualified Company Secretary
  • 3 Times Delivery And Attain Documents At CCM
  • 5 Set Of Completed Incorporation Documents
  • 1 Set Of Certificate Of Incorporation (Form 9)
  • 1 Set Of Share Certificate
  • 1 Set Of CTC Express Letter To CCM
  • 1 Set Of Company Comman Seal
  • 1 Set Of Company Minute Book
  • 1 Set Of Company Register Book​
  • Professional Company Consultation Services
  • Cop Rubber Stamp

PRICE RM4,000 nett *

(no hidden charges)

 Company ready in 5 minutes
:: Delivery services is provided with extra cost

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