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Are you planning to set up a business in Kuala Lumpur, and you need Accounting Firm in Malaysia to assist you with your paperworks? Do you know the process of registering a new business in Malaysia? If you need answers to the above questions, then continue reading this article for more information. Whether you are opening a new company or expanding an existing one in Malaysia, you will need the services of the best accounting company in KL.

Factors to Consider when choosing an accounting firm for your business

The taxation laws are subject to change every year which may make it hard for your new company to
comply if you don’t understand such laws. Accounting firms can help you to comply with these tax laws and help you set goals and budgets for your business. But what factors do I need to consider making sure am getting the best accounting services in Malaysia?


Accounting fees will vary from one firm to the other. Some firms will charge you for each task they
perform while others will charge you based on the hours they spend working on your tasks.

Business Specialties

Accountants specialize in few areas of a business to be able to offer their customers better service. There are several accounting specialties including cost, taxation and manufacturing accountant.

Level of Service

If you require tax filling services, search for an accounting firm that deals with tax consultancy. It will ensure that you get excellent services and value for your money.

Personal Connection

You can engage the best accounting services in Malaysia, but if you are not comfortable discussing
matters on the finances of your business, then you are not getting value for your money. You can always look for an alternative firm instead.


Whether you need to file tax returns or open a new company in Kuala Lumpur, Daftarsyarikat is the
best accounting firm in Malaysia that you need to contact. Daftarsyarikat is your business set-up specialist and One Stop best accounting services provider in Malaysia.

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