5 Tips to Choosing the Best Business Name


Choosing a business name is among the first things to be done well by every entrepreneur.

What’s with the name??

Many are there by name. The first is a symbol of a business name other than logo on a business venture. It became a first impression to customers, especially on the images taken by our business. Names can also give an initial overview of the services and products offered by the business.

Choosing the right name can sometimes make us dizzy. But based on the experience of business registration and incorporation of companies, I list some of the 5 tips that can serve as a guide to the entrepreneurs out there to choose a business name.

TIPS 1: Choose the unique names using words that are rarely used in everyday life. Avoid using common names such as Maju Cemerlang, Hebat Gagah and others. Instead try to use words that are quite unique as Harda Ingeneering & Consultancy (Aaron + name combination Darus), Tanjung Armada, Avanzado Brillante (Progressive Excellence in spanish language) etc.

TIPS 2: Find out the story behind the name of your business as it will create a sentimental value and can motivate the spirit to develop the business to succeed.

TIPS 3: Select the names that do not contain words that have been gazetted by the government through the Government Gazette. 716 dated January 30, 1997, the Gazette (Amendment) dated October 11, 2001 and Company Naming Guidelines.

TIPS 4: Use only 2-3 words just like Mahjuma Trading, Investment Tempest, Marketing Boasting Superior, Gold Marketing & Resources, and many other examples again. Avoid choosing a long name because it would inconvenience customers to mention, recall and tiring your hands to write on a check book.

5 TIPS: Recommend at least 3 business name before you continue to SSM (for Business Enterprise) and company secretary (for companies) to establish a business.

On 16 September 2012 just as no less than 1,017,000 company was established in SSM. Therefore, the preparation of other names will facilitate the search process between the names, if any names are being rejected by the CCM.


Business name registered with SSM the Registrar of Business (ROB) and the Registrar of Companies (ROC) is different and has nothing to do at all. The name you register ROB nothing to do with the ROC. In simple words, if you have a business using the name of Advanced Technology Enterprise registered with ROB and the one time you want to upgrade to a Sdn Bhd company, not necessarily the name of Advanced Technology will be approved by the CCM for approval of the company depends on the approval of the ROC.

I hope the above tips can help you make decisions about your new business name. Have a try!

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